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Judaicawithstyle have a full range of attractive, interactive and functional Judaica and Jewish gifts and Jewish art, crafted by the finest artists at the lowest prices. Featured artists are Caesarea Arts, Brian Bregner, Avia Agayof and the Shabbat Collection, including the Shabbat Away Kit.

We have a full range of contemporary Judaica at lowest prices and a wide range of colours. Enhancing a mitzvah by performing it with a beautiful object or giving a Jewish gift is a praiseworthy way of honoring God's commandments. Judaism has a long tradition of commissioning Jewish ritual objects from Jewish craftsmen and Jewish artists.

There are various forms of Judaica, both ancient traditional Judaica or modern Contemporary Judaica. Kiddush Cups, either large or small or Bachers. Bachers, sometimes spelt Buchers, are used on Friday night of Shabbos or Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath. At the Friday night meal Kiddush is made followed by Hand Washing, or Netillat Yadyim, again using items of Judaica. These can be both Contemporary Judaica or modern Judaica and Ancient traditional Judaica.

Contemporary Judaica

Several of our suppliers including Caesarea Arts, Brian Bregner and Avia Agayof and his range of Contemporary Judaica has crafted exquisite Kiddush Cups, Kiddush Fountains and Hand Washing bowls as well as Shabbat Candlesticks, or Shabbos Candlesticks. Also travelling candlesticks for those travelling. Mezuzot, mezuzas or sometimes called Mezuzah are other forms of Judaica. Illustrated Torah Scrolls are also Judaica or Jewish Gifts. Caesarea-art manufacture challah boards and challah knife. Also Hallah Boards for use on Shabbat or Shabbos. Bar Mitzvah boys and Bat Mitzvah girls receive Judaica gifts including a Yad or Torah pointer for reading the Torah.

Newly added is our Shabbat Away Kit. This is a kit containing everything that one would need to celebrate Shabbat away from home.

Weddings and Engagements

Wedding Lists and Engagement lists offer plenty of opportunity to choose Judaica gifts. Shabbos Candlestick or Sabbath Candle Holders. Mezuza to decorate the doorpost.

Havdalah Spice sets are good gifts as are Menorahs or Hanukkiah to celebrate the festival of Hanukkah. We have the facility to create a gift list for any occasion, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary.

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