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Judaicawithstyle have a full range of attractive, interactive and functional Jewish Gifts, crafted by the finest artists at the lowest prices. We have a full range of both contemporary and modern Judaica at lowest prices and widest range of colours. Enhancing a mitzvah by performing it with an especially beautiful object is considered a praiseworthy way of honouring God's commandments. Judaism has a long tradition of commissioning Jewish ritual objects from Jewish craftsmen and Jewish artists. These are called Judaica. Our featured artists are Avia Agayof, Caesarea Arts, Michal Meron and The Shabbat Collection.

There are various forms of Judaica, both ancient traditional Judaica or modern Contemporary Judaica. Kiddush Cups, either large Kiddush Cups or small Kiddush Cups or Bachers. Bachers, sometimes spelt Buchers, are used on Friday night of Shabbos or Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath. At the Friday night meal Kiddush is made followed by Hand Washing, or Netillat Yadyim, again using items of Judaica. These can be both Contemporary Judaica or modern Judaica and Ancient traditional Judaica.

We have a wide range of Mezuzot to suit all doors and all pockets. These make a lovely present for the new home.

Our range of Shabbat candle holders is extremely extensive. Ranging from simple yet attractive tea light holders to 11 inch silver coloured contemporary holders. Each one will enhance the lighting of your Shabbat candles.

Attractive Challa boards with matching knives are sure to enhance any table. These are made from modern materials that will not scratch or tarnish.

When its Chanukkah time, choose from one of our many multi coloured Chanukkiot. They range from pocket size to miraculous multi coloured and are sure to be a talking point whenever and wherever displayed.

Take a look around our site and delight in Jewish craftsmanship.

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